Mr. Murtaza Solangi
Former Minister

Murtaza Solangi has a diverse portfolio that bridges culture, social activism, and media innovation, before assuming his new role as the Federal Caretaker Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Murtaza Solangi draws upon his extensive expertise across varied domains—ranging from management, print media, electronic media, culture, to social media and advocacy. As the Executive Editor of Nayadaur Media, a prominent online portal, he played a pivotal role in shaping and curating multimedia content emanating from Pakistan. Beyond editorial leadership, his influence extended to the airwaves, where he held the distinguished position of a host, presenting insightful news and analytical shows. His incisive perspectives not only resonated within Nayadaur but also grace the esteemed pages of renowned publications like The Friday Times, DAWN, and The Express Tribune. He has also been at Capital TV and recently worked as Director Public Affairs at SUNO News.

During his tenure as Director General of Radio Pakistan (2008-2013), Murtaza Solangi led a remarkable transformation that transcended the conventional boundaries of a traditional entity. Under his leadership, Radio Pakistan evolved into a dynamic multimedia powerhouse. Overseeing a vast workforce spanning 64 broadcasting units and encompassing more than 3,000 individuals, he skillfully orchestrated a harmonious ensemble of talent. His prowess extended to forging pivotal global partnerships with esteemed news organizations such as VOA, CRI, and Deutsche Welle. Committed to excellence, he propelled the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation to unparalleled heights, securing instrumental roles on the executive boards of ABU and AIBD. His legacy is further underscored by being the first Pakistani elected as Vice President and Acting President of ABU, while his stewardship as Chairman of the AIBD Executive Board set a course towards unparalleled excellence.

As an International Broadcaster at VOA/Urdu (2001-2008), Murtaza's era marked a transformative phase, where he skillfully curated, hosted, and presented captivating programming. This included syndicated shows and prime-time analysis that resonated with audiences. His influence transcended geographical boundaries through incisive field reporting, capturing pivotal events, conferences, and monumental interviews. His impact reverberated across the Urdu VOA web platform, where he infused riveting articles, news, and thought-provoking analyses that transcended borders.

Murtaza's journey culminated in many accomplishments, with the prestigious Sitara-e-Imtiaz award bestowed upon him by the President of Pakistan. This accolade recognizes his "Excellence in Public Service Broadcasting," reflecting the profound impact of his work.

Murtaza Solangi exemplifies a trailblazer whose visionary leadership, transformative achievements, and unyielding dedication to public interest journalism have reshaped the contours of media within Pakistan and beyond.