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The Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC), Islamabad is functioning as an attached department under the administrative control of Information & Broadcasting Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting since 7th January, 2016 vide Cabinet division’s Memorandum No. 4-3/2015-Min.I.

Legal Framework
  • Historically, the Censor Board was governed by the following pieces of legislation and rules:-
            a. Cinematograph Act 1918(II of 1918).
            b. Cinematograph (West Pakistan Amendment) Act 1958(XVI of 1958).
            c. Censorship of Films Act, 1963(XVIII of 1963)
  • In September 1979, the Motion Pictures Ordinance 1979 was promulgated which repealed the Censorship of Films Act, 1963 and the Cinematograph Act, 1918.
  • The CBFC is currently governed by the Motion Pictures Ordinance, 1979 and the Censorship of Films Rules, 1980 which were framed there under. The Federal Government has notified also provided Code for Censorship of Films for guidance of the CBFC members.

  • The aim of the authority is to eliminate the public exhibition of a film or any part thereof including an incident, dialogue, song or dance which is likely to:         (i) Affect the accepted moral standards and social values by glorification of vice or crime;
            (ii) Give offence to any section of the public or injure the feelings of any class of persons;
            (iii) Hurt national sentiments.

  • Public entertainment through cinematographic display.

  • To examine and classify the films under the guidelines provided by the Motion Pictures Ordinance, 1979.
  • To examine and censor, trailers and short documentaries for public exhibition.
  • To process the requests of foreign missions in Pakistan regarding censorship of films and documentaries through diplomatic channels.
  • To monitor the violation of the provisions of Motion Pictures Ordinance, 1979 by raiding/checking various cinemas in the ICT/Cantonment /Garrison Areas, KPK Baluchistan, AJK &GB.
  • To provide assistance to the administrative Ministry in issuance of NOCs for the import of foreign films containing Indian cast & crew and registration of the film producers for local films.
  • To process cases of Producers Registration.
  • Correspondence with the administrative Division on Policy matters relating to CBFC.
  • To provide assistance to the Pakistani producers to participate in international film festivals abroad.
  • To make the film industry and trade abide by the Code of Censorship, by adopting strict policy from time to time while certifying the Films and Registration as Feature Film Producers under MLO, 81.
  • To verify the Censor Certificates as per requests of District Administration to ensure that only censored films are being exhibited in different cinema houses of the country.
  • The CBFC has been included in the Federal Government Steering Committee for the Welfare of Artists Fund set up by the Federal Government. The CBFC is actively sharing its views/input to the Steering Committee to facilitate its working.