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Shalimar Recording & Broadcasting Company Limited (SRBC) is a public limited company which operates under Companies Ordinance–1984 and a separate legal entity incorporated under the then Companies Act-1913, presently the Companies Act-2017, the applicable law. SRBC operates A-TV Channel and FM Radio 94.6 as National Broadcasters defined in PEMRA Amendment Act2007.


To provide affordable infotainment to the people of Pakistan


To become leading infotainment media channel of Pakistan


  • To project the policies of the State of Pakistan. SRBC being a National Broadcaster in terms of Section 37 of PEMRA Amendment Act-2007 is playing a supportive role for projecting and creating general awareness in connection> with implementing the Principles of Policy, Pakistan Constitution, 1973.
  • To promote national integration and religious harmony as national broadcaster of Pakistan.
  • 20 terrestrial transmitters are interlinked via satellite.
  • Satellite footprint covers 58 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • A 24/7 nonstop broadcasting through satellite and terrestrial TV Channel is interlinked with tweleve (12) network transmitting stations eight (8) rebroadcast stations in the rural areas to reach TV household having penetration to 53% of total population of Pakistan.

    ATV’s 12 Broadcasting Stations
        1. Islamabad
        2. Karachi
        3. Lahore
        4. Faisalabad
        5. Peshawar
        6. Quetta
        7. Larkana
        8. Multan
        9. Bahawalpur
        10. Hyderabad
        11. Daska
        12. Sukkur

    ATV’s 08 Re-Broadcasting Stations
        1. Thandiani
        2. Batkhaila
        3. Mengora
        4. Khuzdar
        5. Kalat
        6. Sibi
        7. Sahiwal
        8. Tando allahyar

    Shalimar FM Radio Network (94.6 MHz) 09 Stations
        1. Islamabad
        2. Lahore
        3. Karachi
        4. Hyderabad
        5. Peshawar
        6. Multan
        7. Faisalabad
        8. Daska
        9. Quetta.