Directorate of Electronic Media & Publications (DEMP)


Ms. lmrana Wazir

Contact Information:-
Tel: 051-9252377, 051-9252184
Fax: 051-9252109


Ms. Samina Farzin

Contact Information:-
Tel: 051-9252162
Fax: 051-9252109



Directorate of Electronic Media and Publications (DEMP) is an attached Department of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Before partition this Directorate existed in the name of Indian Information Services with its HQs in Bombay. After partition, it was named as Department of Advertising and Publications. A film unit was attached and renamed as Department of Advertising, Films & Publications in 1947 in Karachi which later became DEMP’s regional office. Electronic Media Relation Wing was formed in July 2009, merged and renamed as Directorate of Electronic Media & Publications (DEMP) on 11th September, 2012.


To develop an informed citizenry, loyal to Pakistan, by eradicating Sectarianism, Regionalism and Provincialism through projection of Government’s policies and performance.


To play a key role as an attached department of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting in dissemination and projection of national narrative, policies and achievements of the government through different mandated tools i-e exhibitions, publications and documentaries.



  • Round the clock Monitoring of Electronic Media and Issuance of Ad-Tracking Transmission Certificate
  • To carry out regular publications which include Pakistan-Pictorial, Mah-e-Nau, Pak-Jamhuriat, year Book of M/o I & B and publicity material for days of national significance and Ad-hoc publications which include speeches of Prime Minister & President and other publicity material highlighting government efforts in various fields.
  • Holding of Photographic and Painting Exhibitions for general public on Pakistan Day, Independence Day, Quaid’s Day, Kashmir Solidarity Day and Black Day to create awareness among the masses.
  • Supply of suitable feature articles and publications to Pakistan Missions Abroad to project soft and positive image of Pakistan.
  • Production of short films, documentaries, songs, TVCs (depicting history and culture of the country and also covering development schemes, initiatives and achievements of the government)
  • Custodian of Film & Broadcasting policy 2018
  • Patronage of literary circles (Halqa-e-Arbab)
  • Custodian of National Anthem



    DEMP has its headquarter at Islamabad and four Regional Offices in all the Provincial Capitals i.e. Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar & Quetta which function in accordance with the vision and mission of the Directorate.