Centre of Digital Communication


Mrs. Kanwal Iftikhar


Mr. Waqar Siddique




Cyber Wing is effectively safeguarding and promoting the interest of the country on Digital Media space by employing modern technologies. Cyber Wing is projecting the soft, moderate and progressive image of Pakistan and it has increased its following on social media platforms like official Facebook and Instagram etc.

Cyber Wing maintains Fake News account to identify unverified/baseless news items and counters propaganda against Pakistan on digital space, It is also engaged in E-Office deployment and operationalization in all attached department of the Ministry to create paperless environment for efficient public service delivery. More over Cyber Wing develops and maintains Ministry’s official website (www.moib.gov.pk) with latest content. It also develops software as per requirements of other units of the department.


To effectively safeguard the interests of the country on Cyber domain by employing modern technologies and to project the soft, moderate and progressive image of Pakistan By Projecting Government policies and countering Propaganda and Fake News


Strengthening and empowering Digital Pakistan and protecting its Cyber space.


  • Preparation of Online Media Monitoring Reports         a. Daily Cyber Monitoring Report (CMR)
            b. Twitter Analysis Report (TAR)
            c. Social Media Monitoring Report(SMR)
  • Maintain official Twitter handles, Facebook pages, video Channels, blogs and Instagram
  • Fake News Buster
  • Social media publicity of national events
  • Internet and ICT support services to the Ministry and its attached organs
  • Web development and Content Management
  • Network planning and designing
  • In-house Multimedia Content Creation
  • Email Services to Main Secretariat and attached Organs
  • Exclusive Video Gallery developed and hosted in Cyber Wing
  • Cyber Support System which automates the support process
  • Maintenance of automated Twitter Analysis Report (TAR) application
  • Deployment of E-Office application