Press Council of Pakistan (PCP)





The Press Council of Pakistan an autonomous,independent body established to ensure and monitor ethical standards of practice for Pakistan?s print media,news agencies and their websites.


Maintenance of professional and ethical standards by the press to preserve the constitutional rights of citizens, and, to ensure freedom of press and to implement Ethical Code of Practice having 17 points, need to be implemented in print media which is the need of time.


Free, Independent, Responsible and Accountable Press.


The main functions of the PCP are:
1. To keep under review any development likely to restrict the dissemination of news of public interest and importance.
2. To receive complaints regarding violation of Ethical Code of Practice by newspapers, news agencies, editors and journalists.
3. To revise, update, enforce and implement the Ethical Code of Practice.
4. To appoint Inquiry Commissions for hearing and decision of complaints.
5. To manage funds of the Council.
6. To levy and collect prescribed fee.
7. To act as a shield to the freedom of press. PCP may receive a complaint by a newspaper, a journalist or any institution or individual concerned with a newspaper against the Federal/Provincial government or any organization including political parties for interference in the free functioning of press