Pakistan calls for strengthening role & capacity of UN peacekeeping in hotspots around world
February 21, 2024

Pakistan has called for strengthening the role and capacity of UN peacekeeping in hotspots around the world.

Pakistan's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Munir Akram while speaking at the Committee on Peacekeeping Operations in New York said the missions must be part of the effort to address and resolve the underlying causes of conflict and violence.

He said that Pakistan, has over the years contributed more than 200,000 personnel to 47 peacekeeping missions in often challenging theatres” of conflict around the world.

Munir Akram called for accountability of the growing attacks against UN peacekeepers, noting the increasingly difficult challenges from terrorists and criminal groups with unprecedented levels of threats to the peacekeepers’ safety and security.

He said we are also concerned by the increased misinformation and disinformation against UN Peacekeeping Missions and Peacekeepers resulting in threats to their safety and security.

Pakistani envoy said the distinction between peacekeeping and peace enforcement must always remain clear and distinct.