Mr. Tariq Mahmood Khan
Director General


Phone:  051-9252171
Fax:         051-9252194

Information Service Academy

Information Service Academy is the only public sector training institute for Media communications, information and public relations.


• Specialized Training Programme for the Information Group Officers.
• Capacity Building Programme for in-service officers.
• Media training for piblic, private and development sector courses for officers.
• Orientation courses for press officers.
• Seminars and workshops on media related issues.
• Liaison with training institutions.

Specialized Training Program (STP)

• Academic work, Syllabus for final passing out examination
• Individual research paper
• Current issues presentation
• Book review
• Case studies and simulation exercise
• Field visits
• Hand on assgnments
• Study tour

Capacity Building Programs

• Media managment workshops for national institutes of management (NIM)
• Training by facebook managers from Singapore on using social media
• Promotion course for information officers of KPK Government
• Workshop on emerging challenges in media engagement and crisis communication, role of press officers
• Data visulization for Government projection
• Workshop on women emowerment for women journalists
• Training in collaboration with Pakistan Peace Collective
• Workshop on development and future of Pakistan cinemas

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