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Associated Press of Pakistan (APP)

The Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) being the country’s premier news agency is providing accurate, objective and uninterrupted flow of news to the people since 1947.

Today it releases multi-lingual news service including English, Urdu, Sindhi, Siraiki, Pushto, Arabic, Balochi and Brahvi languages, besides its Photo and Video News Service.

Headquartered at Islamabad, APP has nine bureaus and seven stations. It has Foreign Correspondents in Washington, London, New Delhi and Beijing, besides Stringers at the United Nations – New York, Brussels and Jeddah.

For domestic news, APP has around 500 editorial staff and 108 Correspondents at District and Tehsil levels.

The APP website ( provides multi-lingual news reports, photos and Video News Service footage.

APP has its own Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) vehicle and Earth Station for beaming live coverage of important events, besides the APP Web TV.

The agency has a vibrant social media section that regularly tries to capture space through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

APP on an average releases 30,000 stories per month to its subscribers in English and Urdu, 4500 in Pushto, Sindhi, Arabic, Siraiki and Balochi languages, and around 2000 photographs and video clips.

It has its own dedicated Monitoring Section that monitors more than a dozen news channels.
APP has News Exchange Agreements with over 40 foreign News Agencies under which important text, photo and visual news services are exchanged daily.

APP Headquarters

18 Mauve Area Street 28, G-7/1
Islamabad 44000

Phone : +92-51-2203064-7
Email :
Fax : +92-51-2203069, 2203070
UAN : +92-51-111277278

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