Ms. Tanvir Kiyani

Ms Tanvir Kiyani joined MOIB as Director in 2011 when the whole Media Directorate of devolved Ministry of Population Welfare transferred and merged with MOIB as a result of 18th constitutional amendment. She holds M.Phil. degree in political and administrative Geography and  numerous national and international courses/trainings in the field of  media  and communication strategy.

Prior to joining National Press Trust(NPT) as Chairperson, she served in various positions in Information Services Academy, Senate of Pakistan ,Ministry of Interior. She also served as project  director in  USAID funded national level PDHS-2012-13.She has experience of working in close collaboration with UN agencies and national and international NGOs.




Currently only one post of Chairman NPT is available and that is also vacated once regular Chairman is appointed, he will be in a position to revive / create the posts as per NPT’s requirement.


NPT was established under the trust deed executed by leading 39 Pakistani businessmen on April 8, 1964. The contributors who formed the trust are called the settlers or founders. Purposes of NPT were :

  •  to help and encourage the promotion of sound and healthy journalism and use of press as objective and effective instrument for propagating the ideology of Pakistan.
  • to establish and Publish Newspapers / Periodicals
  • to establish, Promote ,Purchase and /or Develop various forums of Mass Media
  • to propagate and assist in creation of
       a. Peaceful & law-abiding democratic society
       b. economic order based on Islamic social justice
       c. support the national economic development, education and social welfare schemes

    National Press Trust, after suspension of its Board of Trustees in 1972, followed by disinvestment / privatization of its newspapers / companies is having a staff who are neither civil servants nor their posts are sanctioned by the Government, and there is no allocation of any budget to NPT by the Government of Pakistan. Its functions, rules, and posts cannot be revived unless a regular chairman is appointed with the approval of President of Pakistan. In this regard MOIB has already sent a summary to Prime Minister office.

    As stop-gape arrangement, currently a BS-20 officer of MOIB is looking after the day to day affairs of NPT as chairperson. Similarly its regional offices are also looked after by MOIB officers posted in respective regions.


    To address the post privatization issues and to take big decisions on its properties through revival of its Board of trustee’s powers by appointment of NPT’s regular chairman as per NA-Act-XIV of 1972 with immediate effect by MOIB.


    NPT is a defunct body working with skeleton staff who are neither civil servants, nor their posts are sanctioned by the Government of Pakistan. Moreover, there is no GOP funding to NPT in any form. NPT's functions, rules and posts cannot be revived unless a regular chairman is appointed with the approval of President of Pakistan as per National Assembly Act No. XIV of 1972, likewise big decisions on its properties cannot be taken unless the regular chairman with all the powers of Board of trustees is appointed.