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Mr. Munir Ahmad Khan

Mr. Munir Ahmed Khan is an accomplished leader in diverse fields of Law, Politics, Governance and media management.

Currently, Chairman of the National Press Trust of Pakistan, Mr. Khan has contributed in media development, political education, strategic communication and effective coordination among political parties and alliances’ leadership and media, besides a progressive career as Lawyer of Supreme Court and public office holder at provincial and national levels.

He had served the country in various capacities; remained Press Assistant to Chief Minister Punjab from 1988-1996, and Advisor Legal Affairs in WAPDA and PEPCO in Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani’s government from 2008-2010.

His non-governmental accomplishments include Chairmanship of the National Institute of Political Education (NIPE), a National level Think Tank aiming at political awareness and developing the public opinion through Seminars & Conferences.

Mr. Khan has a vast network within Country and abroad with prominent Civil Society and Political leaders, Lawyer’s Bodies, Diplomats, Media Houses, Editors, and prominent Pakistani diaspora.

He started political career as a student leader and contested the Student Union Election of Punjab University in 1981. After joining national politics, his early political affiliation remained with Tehrik e Istiqlal, Pakistan Muslim League and Pakistan People’s Party.

Mr. Munir Ahmed Khan took part in General Elections of 1988, 1997, 2002 and contested Punjab Assembly elections from the platform of PML (Nawaz) and PPP respectively. He worked as Secretary Information with Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto & PPP from 1997-2005.From 2012 to 2020 he had no formal political affiliation with any party.

Based on his exposure to the politics and governance in Pakistan that has been unable to address the challenges facing the country, he decided to join PTI in view of the unwavering commitment of Prime Minister Imran Khan for reformed politics and governance. Prime Minister Khan welcomed him to party fold personally in March, 2021.

While remaining part of political parties and the government, he has a very important role of coordination between government and media. In other roles and individual capacity he had developed in depth understanding of the media scene in country besides lasting relations with prominent media persons, editors and media houses.

During the years 1998-99 and 2000-2006, Mr khan did active Alliance politics and played a role in formation of Pakistan Awami Ittehad (PAI), Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) and Alliance for Restoration of Democracy (ARD).

He remained Central Secretary Information/ Spokesman in these Alliances with Late Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan as President. As Chairman Foreign Liaison Committee, established close interaction between Diplomats and Political Leadership.

During the period 2000-2007, he was arrested many times by General Musharraf regime for protesting against unconstitutional Government and violation of Human Rights.


  • During the student period played a vital role to eliminate weapon culture from student politics. 1979-83.
  • In the political parties and the government developed effective communication channels and coordination with the media.
  • Created smooth working relations between the elected political leadership/Party and the Media.
  • Helped articulate and solution of individual and working problems of media persons/ organizations.
  • Has actively contributed in the Lawyer’s bodies for peers and general public.
  • Established and Chaired a Think Tank, National Institute of Political Education.
  • Worked to introduce the role of retired army/civil officers and judges for Nation building and future planning. Arranged several meeting with Benazir Bhutto and other leaders for this purpose.
  • As Chairman Foreign Liaison Committee established close interaction between Diplomats and Political Leadership.
  • During the years 1998-99 and 2000-2006 actively did the Alliance politics and played a role for coordination and communication on multi-party platforms.





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NPT was established under the trust deed executed by leading 39 Pakistani businessmen on April 8, 1964. The contributors who formed the trust are called the settlers or founders. Purposes of NPT were:
  •          to help and encourage the promotion of sound and healthy journalism and use of press as objective
        and effective instrument for propagating the ideology of Pakistan.
  •         to establish and Publish Newspapers / Periodicals
  •          to establish, Promote, Purchase and /or Develop various forums of Mass Media
  •          to propagate and assist in creation of
       a. Peaceful & law-abiding democratic society
       b. economic order based on Islamic social justice
       c. support the national economic development, education and social welfare schemes

National Press Trust, after suspension of its Board of Trustees in 1972, followed by disinvestment / privatization of its newspapers / companies is having a staff who are neither civil servants nor their posts are sanctioned by the Government, and there is no allocation of any budget to NPT by the Government of Pakistan. Its functions, rules, and posts have been revived by the new regular Chairman appointed with the approval of President of Pakistan.


To help and encourage the promotion of sound and healthy journalism.


The Chairman by exercising the power of the board, has decided that to further the purpose of the Trust, in light of evolving circumstances, and to address the need for adapting the mechanisms employed for achieving the same, the Trust endeavours to achieve the following:
  •  Protect, safeguard, better manage and utilize the assets /properties of the Trust, including retrieval of the moveable
     and immoveable assets / properties, where deemed necessary;
  •  Highlight the achievements of the Federation of Pakistan through media;
  • Counter propaganda against the Federation of Pakistan and its institutions;
  • Establish, promote and develop various forms of print, electronic, digital or any other form of media;
  • Hold seminars and workshops to develop consensus on national issues and policies among stakeholders;
  •  Establish media study schools, institutes, universities or any other educational institution of like nature; and
  •  To take all actions and carry out anything as are ancillary or incidental to the purposes of the Trust.