Ministry of Information, Broadcasting comprises of the following divisions:

·         Information and Broadcasting Division


According to Rules of Business 1973 (Schedule – II) Section 16 & Section 25 the mandate of Ministry is as follows:


1. Policy relating to internal publicity on national matters including the administration of the provisions of the Post Office, Act, 1898, and section 5 (1) (b) of the Telegraph Act, 1885, in so far as they relate to the Press.

2. Broadcasting including television.

3. Production of films on behalf of Government, its agencies, Government controlled Corporations, etc. 4. Press relations, including delegations of journalists and other information media.

5. Provision of facilities for the development of newspapers industry.

6. (i) Policy regarding government advertisement; control of advertisement and placement; (ii) Audit of circulation of newspapers.

7. Administration of the Newsprint Control Ordinance, 1971.

8. National Anthem

9. Liaison and coordination with agencies and media on matters concerning Government policies and activities.

10. Administration of the Information Group.

11. External Publicity.

12. Pakistan National Centres.

13. (i) Administration of- (a) Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Act, 1973; (b) Associated Press of Pakistan (Taking Over) Ordinance, 1961; and (c) Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority. (ii) Matters relating to- (a) The Pakistan Television Corporation; and (b) Omitted vide SRO NO.48(1)/2016 dated 26.1.2016. 2 (c) Shalimar Recording and Broadcasting Company.

 14. Training facilities for Radio and Television personnel.

15. Special Selection Board for selection of Press Officers for posting in Pakistan Missions abroad.

16. Omitted vide SRO1088(I)/2011, (4-14/2011-Min-I) dated 09.12.2011.

17. Establishment of tourists centers abroad.

18. Administration of the Newspapers Employees (Conditions of Service) Act, 1973(LVIII of 1973).

19. (i) National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage of Pakistan (Lok Virsa). (ii) Pakistan National Council of Arts.

20. Cultural pacts and protocols with other countries.

21. Omitted by SRO No.48(1)/2016 dated 26.1.2016

22. Federal Land Commission.