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Nation celebrates Pakistan Day today with pledge to fight Coronavirus pandemic

The nation celebrates Pakistan Day today with simplicity in the face of outbreak of noval Coronavirus and with the pledge to fight the pandemic.

All kind of public gatherings, especially famous military parade, have been postponed as precautionary measures.

However, Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television will air special programmes, while newspapers will publish special issues on the occasion.

The Day is observed to commemorate the passage of Lahore Resolution on this day in 1940, under which the Muslims of the sub-continent set the agenda of achieving a separate homeland.

News and Current Affairs Channel of Radio Pakistan is running a day-long marathon transmission to mark the Pakistan Day with a pledge to fight the outbreak of Novel Corona Virus pandemic.

Besides regular programmes, which contain segments on Pakistan Day, special programmes of two-hour duration are being aired to mark the day and highlight the role of the founding fathers of the nation in creation of a separate homeland for Muslims of the Subcontinent.

These programmes are specially designed to create awareness among the masses about the need of unity and discipline to defeat the spread of Coronavirus.

The participants of the programmes are urging people to follow government's instruction and maintain discipline to fight Coronavirus pandemic.